SSL Info


As it stands, we have included a self-signed SSL certs to all sites, if you desire to access our main and subdomains securely, one would need to accept this wildcard self-signed domain cert on your browser.
All of the certs we have installed thus far are self-signed and with no problems for the following web browsers {firefox, opera, chrome, IE, konqueror , etc...}. This bootstrap theme is nice without any customizations thus far. The interesting
part remained to be with SSL, its either something doesnt support SSL or there is something we missed on configuration of this application. Viewing pages with https will work fine but once a account has logged in, CSS doesnt seem to work.

We have no time to mess with this application, therefore we wont be creating users on the fly.

If you choose to use https in this cms, your browser will need to accept this Self-signed cert.